Saturday, August 1, 2009

A picture for this blog

Add me at..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've moveddd !!

I'm not gonna update this blog again..
coz.. I've moveddd !! is the place to find me ppl !!

Monday, May 26, 2008

haha.. it's been long

Weeee~~!! hehe.. nice? love it.. love them ^^ my handwritting

Yay!!! got a pic with ma bestie on da carnival !! =D muaxx.. love ya Jane..
Happy ^^ got a cap thx to AnNi .. b4 my skul carnival..
SNOOPY FAN ! ! ! lolz. XP craziness...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Song I Composed myself.. totally original

Father Lord (Father Lord)

I seek you in my prayers..

I need you to guide me in my life... ( In my life )

I hand my life to You..

To You my mighty Lord..

I'll love you Jesus till the end..


Father in heaven

I pray to you..

Be with me in my life

n always beside me..

Comfort me..

Give me all the strength I need

Your the center of my life.

So boring..... haha

Hmm... well.. I'M FREE!!!! lolz.. ehemm .. ( just for this week )
It's Holiday.. finally.. I've been longing for this day to cum..
hmmm... sumhow.. it's a busy holiday..
Everyday through this week.. I'll be having functions to attend..
as in having fun!! hehe..

My Love..
I live a life for u,
A life filled with joy n love,
A life with Tears n broken pieces
I long for u,
to be with me,
hand in hand,
to where my soul belongs.
as the time flows..
I once thought we were meant to be,
but seems as it's not to be.
we were bond together,
but who.. who thorn us apart,
I love u today,
I miss u tonight ,
I wonder where u are,
as my mind go wild.

=D love ya all loads..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Trophy !

It's the Notingham cup! Sooooooo Cool man!
Hav u seen a trophy that is this big? it's half the height of me man..

Well... as u can see.. these trophy above..
Is that cool or wat?!
It's craziness man.. my bro is da coolest person in da whole world..
He won the Notingham idol..
He was the Modeling session guy n his pic was
in the middle of the whole big poster!
Basketball winner..
He's juz good in anything is he?
wow.. I wonder wat is he..
Alien? Born to be popular? Trophy Winner?
I juz finished my exam lately..
trying to chill but juz after my exam..
I hav to rush on with my new project..
man! it's sooooooo tiring..
but wat to do?
Teens...shudn't be doing this we shud be hanging around!
But.. I love my life! that's it for now.. take care..